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Edgmond Echo 
A monthly magazine is edited and distributed to all households in Edgmond and some beyond the village. This provides communication about community and church activities, and is a valuable source of information about local events, meetings, social activities and so on. It also includes a message from the Rector.
Parish Council The Parish Council includes a number of church members and this supports good relations and a co-operative approach to issues that arise. Meetings between the Parish Council communications committee and Edmond Parish magazine editors have extended the community information content Further information on the Parish Council can be found on the community web site. http://www.edgmondparishcouncil.co.uk
Harper Adams University The chaplaincy at Harper Adams which the Rector has been keen to encourage is now well established and has its own room in the new student services building. This helps the Studentsí Christian Union to grow and develop.  They have organised events and services including the annual service for the blessing of the plough at the University and the Harper Adams Christmas carol service at St Peters Church continues to have a good attendance. http://www.harper-adams.ac.uk
Schools The congregation of St Peterís has regular involvement with local schools and in particular our own church school in Edgmond through participation in school assemblies. School services are held in the church for example at Harvest and Christmas. The school is also helping occasionally by leading the Family Service which is much appreciated by the congregation. These activities provide a natural way to connect with families in the area and support the school staff as they provide a positive framework for learning and growth. http://www.stpetersedgmond.org.uk
Scouts The association between the Church and the scouts continues to thrive. The scouts have helped with social events and Shropshire historic churches fund raising. Abseiling from the Church tower organised by the scouts on three occasions was enjoyed by well over 100 people. Church services have been held for the scouts and they have been well represented at the annual Remembrance services  http://www.edgmondscouts.co.uk

Giving to Charity Funds have been raised in Church services for various local organisations such as Hope House Hospice.

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