The Church

The Church dates from 1080 and is dedicated to St. Peter. It is affiliated to the Church of England and is in the Lichfield diocese.  

As you enter the Church there is a sundial on the wall to the left and above the door the stone figure of two infants. Just inside the church on the left is a list of all the Rectors. Also near the west end of the Church is an early Norman font. On the wall close by is the representation of a fine brass memorial which is in the sanctuary. The tower has 8 bells which are rung from the ringing chamber. The children’s altar and carpeted area with books and toys is on the north side of the Church. There is a kitchen from which coffee is served after morning service.

There are several beautiful windows in the Church including one in the Chancel by William Morris which depicts the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene.  The expansive west window beyond the bell ringing chamber has impressively intense colours and was created by Hardman in the nineteenth century. It depicts St. Francis at the centre and the wonders of creation. The East Window above the reredos in the sanctuary is by Kemp. The south wall of the nave has three Clayton and Powell windows. In the north wall of the nave near to the children’s altar is the 2000 millennium window which shows the sins of man as exemplified by the destruction of the twin towers in New York and the statement that ’Nothing can separate us from the Love of God’. 

The fine organ has recently been extended to include a sixteen foot trombone stop.

In the churchyard are several memorials including one of the Piggott family who were Rectors from 1699 to 1886, Thomas Harper Adams the founder of the Harper Adams University, and Provost Talbot who was the head of the northern sector of the Woodward Schools.

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